Do you want to start your own business in the Netherlands? Check what documents you need to collect before visiting the KvK trade register.


To set up a company you have to prepare and collect the documents required in the Netherlands. Make a list and compile it point by point:

Documents and data needed during company registration at KvK office:

  • ID Card/Passport
  • Dutch fiscal code BSN (Sofinummer)
  • Debit/credit card or telephone with the possibility of proximity payment (stamp duty of € 50,= net can only be paid through the payment terminal)
  • If you do not have permanent residence in the Netherlands, you must present a certificate of residence in the European Union and a signed agreement indicating the address / virtual office (ask FBS24), we provide such services). The certificate must be issued on the European form or translated into Dutch, English or German by a sworn translator

*WARNING! The list of documents may be updated and changed. Check or contact us.


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