Having ideas for a business? Wishing to work on your own and having no clue where or how to start?

If since a long time you are thinking about establishing your own company in the Netherlands – then the beginning of a year is a perfect time to make it happened!

First calendar months are convenient also in the sense of taxes to be paid.

How to prepare the registration of your activity in KVK?

  • Prepare a list of activities that you will be performing as a new entity (services, sales, manufacturing, consultancy ect.)
  • Find out a catchy name for your company, recognizable one and cohesive with the profile of your activity. Check if there is no other company with the same name or with a confounding name
  • Choose a legal form of your company – f.ex. freelance activity, Ltd or others
  • Arrange the meeting in KvK (Kamer van Koophandel) – you can do it online or via the phone

Documents necessary to register your company in KVK:

  • ID / passport. Without one of those documents (valid!) the registration cannot be successful
  • BSN Sofinummer (your Dutch Tax Identification Number)
  • If the address of your company should match with your private address – take BRP uitreksel with you (you will get it in the Town Hall of the city you live in)
  • If the address of your company differs from your private address – take the rental contract with you (rented office where the headquarter will be registered)
  • If you still have no address in the Netherlands – take a document proving your registration address within EU (it must be given at “European paper” which is multilingual or it must be translated by sworn translator into Dutch / English/ German) and the contract you signed priorly with FBS24 (English version)

Process of the registration in KVK:

You should be ready to pay the amount of 50 EUR netto, using your credit card, debit card or telephone (contact payment). Cash is not accepted as the form of payment by KVK.

You won’t have to visit the Tax Office – KVK will inform it about the newly established entity. However – you will have to get activated your new BTW number (VAT number). FBS24 proposes support in activation of BTW in its’ packages.


Dutch Tax Office will consider you an entrepreneur if you will prove the minimum number of hours, that you spend for your activity (so called urecriterium). The expected minimum is 1225 hours per year.

The status of an entrepreneur will give you right for a tax relief.


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