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The company’s landline phone number increases its credibility and makes it look professional. Regardless of where You are at a given moment – your office will remain working as usually.

The additional virtual secretariat package can include:

  • dedicated telephone line with individual greeting
  • receiving phone calls
  • forwarding calls to the selected number
  • reporting on conversations carried out by e-mail

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Secretary Service Packages
Additional services Service for answering and forwarding messages, switching or saving and forwarding by e-mail (up to 30 received calls**)
Print 50 € net* 150 € net*


*Please add 21% of VAT Tax
**The office works during working days (Mondays – Fridays from 09:00 to 17:00)


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The virtual secretariat is a great solution for companies that need a fully functional office to function properly. As you know, renting physical premises by a company usually involves high fees. Moreover, it is necessary both to hire a person to operate the office and to purchase the necessary equipment.

The company’s decision to opt for a virtual secretariat makes it possible to reduce costs by remote handling of individual projects, which would have to be carried out by professional staff. The virtual secretary is able to guarantee functional support for the company’s office for a much lower amount compared to the costs that are generated by traditional offices.

What are the benefits of a virtual secretariat?

The company can, above all, significantly reduce the costs associated with renting an office. In addition, an entrepreneur does not need a full-time secretary. Another advantage is the reduction of costs of workstation equipment.

The person planning to start a company in the Netherlands will thus be able to significantly increase the level of customer service by ensuring contact with the company. The entrepreneur will also be provided with professional telephone support via a virtual secretary. The company will only account for the service package. A few or even a dozen or so thousand zlotys can be saved each month.

How does the virtual secretary work?

Secretary service manages contacts from the company’s customers in a way that has been agreed upon. In addition, the virtual assistant can also take note of a question asked by the client or give a very basic answer.

Of course, in case the virtual secretary does not know the answer, she can either redirect the phone to the business owner or make a note of the question and then pass it on in a pre-arranged form. All the details of the individual contacts are entered into the system so that the business owner can obtain an e-mail report.

What’s the standard offer?

The standard offer includes a telephone line and a landline. It should be noted that this will definitely increase the credibility of the company. Moreover, no matter where the entrepreneur is at the moment, the client will always be able to call the company. The cost of the package is 50 Euro net.

Additional virtual secretarial package

The entrepreneur has a dedicated telephone line with an individual welcome, which definitely increases the level of service. Secretary service guarantees answering phone calls. Calls may also be redirected to the selected number. The operator will also receive relevant information about all the calls made. Reports will be sent to the company via e-mail. Secretarial services in such a package cost EUR 150 net.



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