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Thanks to us, you will quickly acquire a representative and inexpensive headquarter for your company.

In a dozen or so minutes, you will fill in the form, conclude a contract, get your company’s registered office address, access to a cowork place with Internet and printer access and a meeting place for your clients.

Your virtual office in the Netherlands will start without major investments and you will be able to concentrate on the most important thing: the development of your business.

We offer:

  • the address for your business at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from as little as 99 € net* per month
  • mailing address
  • a place to work with Internet and printer access
  • auditorium
  • Language services (editing and translation of magazines)
  • service in Polish,
  • secretarial services,
  • dedicated phone number with an Amsterdam prefix with redirection to another number.


Scope of services
Price 99 € net* 499 € net* ** for the entire contract period 250 € net*
HANDLING SERVICE up to 5 pieces/month, each 5 €/pc.* up to 5 pieces/month, each 5 €/pc.* up to 30 pieces / month, each subsequent 5 €/pc.*
CO-WORK SPACE 8h per month, over 30 €/day* 8h per month, over 30 €/day* 16h per month, over 30 €/day*
confERENCE SSAL up to 4 people once in msc, 8h
Duty period 12 months, automatically extended by quarter 4 months, automatically extended by one month 3 months, automatically extended by one month
DATE OF SELECTION after the contract period – 3 months after the contract period – 1 month after the contract period – 1 month
KAUCH 359,50 € 907,50 €
INCL VAT INTRODUCTION FEE 479,29 € 603,79 € 1.210.00 €



* 21% of Dutch VAT must be added to these amounts.
** After a period of 4 months, automatic extension of the contract by one month payable € 150.00 net/msc
You haven’t found the service you need? Contact us! We will find an individual solution for you or contact you with the right specialist.

Modern business propositions meet customers’ expectations, bringing excellent solutions that can make you more efficient and reduce costs. This is exactly what the virtual office is offering, which is the perfect choice for those who want to do business in the Netherlands.


The virtual office in the Netherlands for Polish companies and entrepreneurs

Only to be successful in business, you often have to leave your familiar secure courtyard and go literally to conquer the world. With the development of the Internet and remote working, all this becomes even more important. For those who want to start up in the Netherlands, where it can be beneficial to register a business, a virtual office with its comprehensive service will be the perfect choice.

It’s a modern proposition that fits the realities of our times. By investing even in the cheapest package you gain the Netherlands office address, which is physically located near one of the largest airports, and many additional benefits. These include, among others, the possibility of real use of the coworking office for a certain number of hours per month, as well as mail handling consisting in accepting shipments sent to our address.

This solution will be perfect for people working with companies located in the Netherlands, with whom business contact may be limited to a few hours per month. The basic service of the office to this extent is sufficient and ensures the efficient performance of professional tasks. It is worth learning more about the cheapest package and its components.

The Netherlands office address and extensive services for companies

If doing business in the Netherlands involves more frequent travel, the need for business meetings and conferences and a lot of mail, a virtual office in a more extensive service package will be an excellent alternative.

The price of such a subscription is higher, however, it provides a professional service at a very high level, as well as the possibility to use high-class training and conference rooms. In addition, for those who have this package, there are also coworking spaces equipped with high quality equipment, access to printers and fast Internet.

This office allows you to carry out your professional tasks efficiently, without the high costs associated with maintaining a office space in the Netherlands. Affordable prices, which offer such a wide range of services, are the best option for a thriving business. Modern solutions dedicated to various industries work well and are willingly chosen by Polish customers. The possibility of using a translator is also of great importance here, whose services are very helpful in preparing important documents for various institutions and contractors.

Is it worth investing in a virtual office with FBS24?

In short, the possibility of using a virtual office is one of the modern services dedicated to business, which makes it easier for to do business in the Netherlands and allows you to reduce the costs associated with securing a company seat. By choosing a specific subscription tailored to your needs, you can improve your daily work, which will translate into higher financial profits and fewer problems.

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