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Reception service

Focus on what is important in your business, receive calls to us. We will answer them from your stationary number with Prefix Amsterdam. We can also redirect conversations to the selected number or report them by email.

Stationary number with Prefix Amsterdam

Redirecting conversations to the given number

Receiving, noting and reporting conversations

Cabinet for documents and traditional correspondence

Saving on equipment and staff costs

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Benefits of front desk service:

By using a shared reception service, the company will significantly reduce the cost of handling the office. It does not need to hire a full-time employee or allocate part of the rented premises for such a purpose. The receptionist's workstation also does not need to be equipped with furniture or IT equipment. For entrepreneurs starting a business in the Netherlands, this also means starting with a high level of customer service and ensuring that they are in constant contact with the Amsterdam office. The reception desk can provide professional call handling. The FBS24 client will bill for the selected service package, thus significantly reducing his costs without compromising on quality and taking care of his company's image.

How does a virtual reception desk work?

The front desk attendant manages interactions with the company's customers and others in the manner that has been previously established. In addition, it can also note a question asked by a customer or provide an answer in a very basic and established manner. A phone call can be routed to the business owner or a person designated by him, or a question can be noted down and then forwarded in a predetermined form. All details of events such as incoming calls, mail, etc. are recorded in the system, so the business owner is always well informed and receives regular reports. In the reception service offer, customers can choose their own telephone line with a Dutch landline number and Amsterdam prefix. This definitely has a positive effect on the credibility of the company. No matter where its boss is at any given time, the customer will always be able to call the company and talk.