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Virtual office with legal address

Address in Amsterdam / representative and low-cost office

A documented address and a rental agreement are necessary for registering a business or company in the commercial register (Kamer van Koophandel). Without them, the notary public will not sign the company's memorandum of association, and KvK will not enter the activity into the commercial register. Our service packages are also designed for entrepreneurs without residence in the Netherlands.

Co-working space & private cabinet for documents

Reception service and registration of calls as well as traditional mail service

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Trilingual support

Time & costs savings

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Conference rooms

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What is a virtual office in the Netherlands for foreign companies and entrepreneurs?

In order to succeed in business, many times you have to get out of your comfort zone and set out to conquer the world. In the era of the Internet and remote working, all this takes on an even deeper meaning. For those wishing to start a business in the Netherlands, where it is worth registering it in order to have access to interesting assignments, a serviced office in the selected range of services will be an excellent choice. This is a modern proposal befitting the realities of our time. Investing in the cheapest package, you gain an office address in the Netherlands, physically located near one of Europe's largest airports, but also many additional benefits. These include, among others, the possibility of real use of the coworking office for a certain number of hours per month, as well as mail service consisting in accepting mail sent to our address, through a shared reception desk. Such a solution will be perfect for those working with such Dutch contractors, with whom personal contact may be limited to a few hours a month. A package of basic FBS24 services can ensure efficient execution of tasks at this stage and handling of orders. It is worth learning more about the cheapest package and its components.

Dutch office address and extended packages for companies.

If doing business in the Netherlands involves more frequent travel, the need for business meetings and conferences, and a lot of mail, a serviced office with a more extensive package of services is an excellent alternative. The price of such a subscription is higher, but you get professional service, as well as the use of high-end training and conference rooms. Modern coworking spaces, access to printers and high-speed Internet are also available for entrepreneurs paying for this subscription package. A serviced office allows you to carry out your professional tasks efficiently, without the high costs associated with maintaining your own office in the Netherlands. Affordable prices, which include a wide range of offers, are the best option for a young and thriving business.

Why choose FBS24 virtual office?

The possibility of using a serviced office is one of the modern services dedicated to business, which makes it easier to run it in the Netherlands and reduce costs. By choosing a subscription tailored to your needs, you can streamline your daily work, which will translate into more time, higher financial returns and fewer problems.